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So my kids and I have been loving this warmer weather lately. It’s been rather nice driving around and not having to worry about getting in a car accident every time you go out. Really.

Anyway, as for my divorce, really right now it’s just a waiting game. I don’t really know what else to say about it. I feel like this blog is going to be a good vent for me, and that I am really going to have to vent these feelings in a positive way, but it’s incredibly hard for me to not just put every thought that flies through my head on this blog.

It’s been fun writing this, and I’ve gotten two emails saying that I’m doing a great job, which was really surprising.

I recently went to a networking event for my small business that I’ve been starting that had several family lawyers in the area. It had a lot of family lawyers from Orillia there, and a fair few other small business owners as well. It was a really rewarding experience doing this. I met a lot of other business owners in the area, and it was always interesting speaking with these Orillia family lawyers. 

Truly, I don’t understand why people don’t feel the pull to jump into entrepreneurship. I don’t get it.

So many people are satisfied with living their lives on someone else’s time. They seem to think that they have to live by the rules money make for them, and not the other way around. Anyway … That’s my little update/rant for the day.

There’s also a video here on networking, if you’re interested.

That’ll be all for today, I think.



Case update


I’ve not posted for a few days and I apologize for that. I’ve been very caught up with my own life, and I’ve probably not been venting in the most constructive way. Hopefully this blog will help me blow off a bit of steam.

There’s a bit of an update with this case. I guess it’s good. My (soon to be ex) husband and I have now officially separated, and now I have the house all to myself (and my cat).

I suppose it’s a good thing, however, I’m a bit lonely, I guess, My lawyer’s a big help, though. She’s been quite compassionate throughout this whole thing, and I’m quite excited to be moving forward with it. Orillia family lawyers are honestly the best there are.


I got a cat!

Hey guys!!!!!!!!!! I’m really excited to announce that I finally got a rescue cat! He’s a big fat tabby that I picked up from the Orillia SPCA!!! 

He looks a bit like this, and loves to relax.

Also, I just met with my lawyer today for the first time. He was extremely helpful in getting things in action. There’s this directory of Orillia family lawyers that seems to be getting some steam? Check it out if you want to find a family lawyer in Orillia.



UPDATE – Orillia Family Lawyer FOUND

Hey all! Jen here again.

As you might have read in my last post, I’ve been searching high and low for a family lawyer in Orillia. I’ve finally found one. I won’t say exactly who for the sake of privacy, but I at least have some good news amidst this hellish divorce. My son just got accepted to Queen’s University! I’m so happy. Hopefully he’ll find himself there, as I know many people that have attended that place and have had fantastic careers afterwards. He said that he wants to attend Queen’s to become a doctor. I’m so proud.

This divorce really has been wearing on me, but I’m going to put stock in my family lawyer to sort it out. He’s honestly so great. If you’re looking for someone to handle this, please consider Orillia family lawyers. They have the small town charisma that’s so rare these days.



Finding a Family Lawyer!

Hey all! This will be my very first post here, and I want to discuss something that has been bothering me for some time. I’ve had an impossible time finding a family lawyer recently. As you all probably know, I’m divorcing my husband, and it’s an incredibly stressful time for me and my family.

As a resident of Orillia, Ontario, my options are pretty limited concerning how I am going to find a lawyer, as there aren’t that many in the area. However, I found a website that I really helpful. There’s a pretty good article I found here about Orillia Family Lawyers. It covers the ins and outs of looking for a lawyer in a small town, and how driving back and forth from Barrie or, God Forbid, Toronto, can be incredibly stressful and expensive, especially since I am divorcing my husband.

I’ve been following the instructons from the article concerning making phone calls and whatnot, and I have really decided that finding a local family lawyer is better than finding a family lawyer from somewhere like Toronto.

Seriously, looking for family lawyers in orillia is probably the best option I have at this point.

Here’s the link to the article I was talking about earlier.  findcanadalawyers.com/orillia-family-lawyers/

Orillia, Ontario


Cheers. -JEN